Dragons Fencing Club is not currently offering beginner’s classes. We recommend that those wishing to start fencing should go to and find the club that suits their needs best.

Our current members participate in Fencing Victoria’s Weapon Squad training sessions and competitions at the State Training Centre in Arden St, North Melbourne. For more information about these, go to

Those wishing to join the club or renew their membership can do so by clicking on the ‘Online Membership’ button below and following the prompts on the Dragons Fencing Club membership transaction portal.

Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable year of Fencing.

Helen Smith
Head Coach


Members may choose to purchase their own equipment.
We suggest that you might buy the items in the following order of priority:

Year of Fencing

First year

Glove (provided to Beginners’ Class), Foil (or other weapon) and body wire

Second year

Mask, fencing jacket, fencing breeches

Third year

Lamé jacket, fencing bag

Fourth year Additional weapon(s) & body wire(s)

Please ask Helen for approximate prices for these items.
She will also tell you how to order them.


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